I've converted the Sword of the Dales Trilogy to GURPS Fantasy. This adventure is set in the WotC Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting in 1368 DR, specifically in The Dalelands. It will begin in the infamous town of Shadowdale, where our heroes begin their journey in search of work, adventure, or destiny-tragedy.

If you had taken a look at this site and noticed some recent changes, you're right, there have been some changes. I have decided against running a Dungeon Fantasy game in favor of running a Fantasy campaign. I've done this because I felt that a GURPS Fantasy campaign might allow for better exploration of the Forgotten Realms.

GURPS has often been referred to as a lethal system. The way that damage works in GURPS is different from a number of games, attempting to avoid hit points as attrition (since attrition is more or less already abstracted by fatigue points). This article can provide some further information.

This game will be played over Roll20 and use Discord. If you would like to play, please check out Character Creation.

My GM Experience

I have been game mastering for about three years. They've all been Pathfinder, although ever since I learned about GURPS back in the autumn of 2014 I've been eager to run the system. After reading through the books and getting a module I've always wanted to try, I set this up.


Required: Basic Set 1, GURPS Fantasy

Recommended: Basic Set 2, GURPS Magic, GURPS Powers: Divine Favor

Sword of the Dales