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Currency: I'm tweaking the currency a bit, but it doesn't matter too much. 

Forgotten Realms Coin (1 xp) Platinum Gold Electrum Silver Copper
GURPS $ 100 20 10 1 0.2

There is no paper currency save for I.O.U.s, which are known as blood-notes, as they must be signed in blood by both (or all, if more than two) parties involved and taken to the local lord for the affixing of a seal.

There are also variations in currency depending on the area. Waterdeep and Sembia, for instance, have some variations. Travel there to see what they are.


This adventure begins in The Dalelands (often simply referred to as 'the Dales'). Characters are more than welcome to explore other areas, and many plot lines run through Cormyr and Moonsea. The Dalelands are located somewhat in the center of Faerûn. I believe that players should be able to drive the story. Interested in leaving the Dales for a while? Go see what's up with the Red Wizards of Thay, go plunder along the Sword Coast, or visit the oft spoken of city of Neverwinter in the Savage North. Cormyr lies to the southwest of the Dales.

Deities will have a special role in the game. If you choose Holy Man or have Divine Favor, they will certainly come into play.

Main Page

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