Available Gear

We are using the gear from the Basic Set, although I am open to using gear from Low-Tech. Gear that is available to you, but not from either of these books is listed below:

Covert Ops & Security Gear

Spy’s Horn Allows a Hearing roll to listen through doors, shutters, etc., at a penalty equal to barrier’s (DR + HP)/5. $100, 2 lbs. (DF1:26)


Mirrors Glass-covered bronze or lead. Hand mirror, useful for peering around corners: $15, 1 lb. Tall mirror, large enough to reflect Medusa’s gaze or fool stupid goblins: $125, 10 lbs. (DF1:26)

Tinted Goggles Created by Alchemists, these goggles” grant Protected Vision, at the cost of -5 to Vision rolls. Gives DR 1 to the eyes, but breaks if penetrated. $150, 0.5 lb.

For Magical gear, refer to GURPS Magic.

Available Gear

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