The humans are currently the predominant race in Faerûn.


There are two groups of Dwarves in Faerûn, the Shield Dwarves (or mountain dwarves) to the north, and the Gold Dwarves (or hill dwarves) to the south. The Shield Dwarves live in the northern mountains of Faerûn. The existential wars against the orcs and goblins and the severe losses that the Shield Dwarves have endured have fostered a stubborn resolve.

The Gold Dwarves hail from the last great dwarven kingdom in the south. This kingdom, carved into the wall of a vast chasm in southern Faerûn, is named Underhome.
All Dwarves have Magic Resistance 2 6 (B67).
Shield Dwarves
Disadvantages: Stubbornness [-5]
Gold Dwarves
Disadvantages: Greed (15) [-7]


High Elves 

Moon Elves 

Wood Elves 


Attribute Modifiers: ST -1 [-10]; HT +1 10.
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move -1 [-5], Will +1 5.
Advantages: Acute Hearing +2 4, Extended Lifespan 2 4, Magery 0 5, Night Vision 3 3.
Racial Spells: Beast Soother (H) IQ-2 1, Simple Illusion (H) IQ-2 1, Walk Through Plants (H) IQ-2 1.
Features: SM -2.


Orcs​ ​​​​​



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