The Dalelands

 The Dalelands is a region in Faerûn which has often seen conquerors attempt to claim it as their own. Lately, Zhentil Keep has been attempting to control the Dales

Government in the Dales

Each of the Dales is generally self-governing, although every Midwinter they convene in a loose council, or  Althing. Some Dales may even forgo the Council of the Dales. Who from each Dale takes a seat at the Council depends on the Dale, whose forms of government range. 


Daggerdale has been invaded by Zhent forces from Zhentil Keep. A noble in Daggerdale, Randal Morn, has been attempting to repel the invasion by rallying together the resistance. Randal Morn and the resistance in Daggerdale have resorted to guerrilla warfare, as the Zhent armies have secured most of Daggerdale.

Dagger Falls 

ShadowdaleEmblem of Shadowdale

Central Shadowdale (or the Village of Shadowdale)

Shadowdale is both a trade and farming community, situated in the center of the Dales and on the North Ride between Sembia and Cormyr to the south, and The Moonsea to the north. It is known for being a haven for capable adventurers.

Right in the village center is the Old Skull Inn, which is the town's only inn.


The Dalelands

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